Friday, June 04, 2004

Faking Ugly?

This Sunday, TLC is airing an episode of its reality show, "Faking It," featuring a librarian from Texas. Our heroine is transformed into a Coyote Ugly bartender, including the full bar-dance treatment. While the biblio-babe will undoubtedly pull off the stunt (and nothing else, don't go there), one wonders why these shows don't try to accomplish something really difficult, like transforming a Coyote Ugly bartender into a working librarian. Now, that would be entertaining! ("No, I'd rather chew my own arm off than look that up on microfilm..."). This show might be a hoot, and a holler, but I'm more than a little disturbed by how it perpetuates the superficial stereotypes that the profession has tried to kick to the curb. But now my interest is piqued, so I'll probably watch (and take notes for a future paper) and chalk it up to a guilty pleasure.

Read more about the episode, see: "Super Shy to Superfly"