Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Autograph Line Forms on the Right

Earlier this week, I was pleased, and a little humbled, to learn that Info Ediface was reviewed on Web Junction by Betha Gutsche. Other than registering the blog at a few directories, including LibDex, and putting my blog address in my email signature, I hadn't really marketed the site. Equally interesting to me was how interconnected the blog world is. I actually found out about the review through an RSS feed of LIS Blogsource, which refers to Michael Stephens' (Tame the Web) mention of the Web Junction article --"Tech Focused Library Blogs." I will be giving a talk for the WSU Student Chapter of SLA this Thursday entitled "Blogs and Blogging for Librarians--What's the Fuss?" so this should be a good illustration of the networking inherent in blogging.

Heady with this newfound cyber-fame, I self-googled Info Ediface to see what other fetid corners it had seeped into, if any. One of the first hits I saw was for a fascinating simulated stock market for blogs called BlogShares. My market cap wasn't too high, so I have some work to do before the IPO.

Vitruvius has left the building.